GAFFER Sport was set up in 2006 to further the standard of football in the sixteen villages surrounding Mount Kasigau, Kenya. Working seamlessly with GAFFER Health to combine sporting education on the pitch with Sexual Health education that can be taken home.

And what does GAFFER do to improve the standard of football?

Organises Football Competitions

GAFFER runs Leagues featuring teams from all sixteen villages at three age levels; Men, Under 16 Years, Under 13 Years. All competitions are played in group stages and then knock out until the big final!

Coaches the Coaches

GAFFER teaches local players from the adult teams to coach football properly. These skills are then put to use coaching the youth. There are daily coaching sessions in the villages.

Trains players and referees

Trained coaches pass on their knowledge to team coaches, captains and players. We have also set up training days for referees in order that our football league can be run professionaly by skilled participants.

Exposes GAFFER talent to the outside world

The players that participate in GAFFER Sport often do not have the means to travel and lack exposure to the wider world of sport. GAFFER selects the brightest young stars and coaches them as a team before taking them on tour.

Maintains a fleet of footballs for the teams and schools

Footballs are a problem as the environment is tough. GAFFER uses balls made in Kenya by Alive & Kicking. The footballs are made of specially toughed Kenyan leather and hand stitched in a factory in Nairobi.

Even with the robust balls, punctures are still a problem due to the harsh conditions. GAFFER trains and employs a team of local stitcher's to repair balls properly and keep the teams supplied so the games can continue. Result - more time on the pitch!

Renovates football facilities

GAFFER advises villages on correct methods building football facilities. If the village requires outside support then GAFFER will install goalposts, mark pitches and provide equipment.

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