The Team

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GAFFER set out in 2006 to organise competitions and coaching, improve sports facilities, and provide relevant Health education in a rural area of Kenya. Working with the sixteen villages is a logistical challenge that requires the best staff around! Say Hello, or Jambo, to GAFFER people...

Titus Eluid - Project Manager - GAFFER Sport

Born in Miasenyi Village, Titus played in the first ever GAFFER League. The young man lead his team, Tsavo Lions, to cup winning glory in 2007. After finishing his High School eduction, but without the funding for further study, Titus joined GAFFER as an apprentice. After proving himself Titus now leads a team organising football in the sixteen villages. From running the Leagues to coaching the coaches to ensuring balls are repaired promptly, Titus lives and breathes football.

James Ruwa - Project Manager - GAFFER Health

From the Duruma tribe, James Ruwa was born in Mkamenyi village only 20km south of GAFFER HQ. James first worked for GAFFER in 2006 fixing punctured footballs for pocket money during the school holidays. His enthusiasm and confidence, coupled with excellent academic achievements, won him sponsorship to study Community Development at a leading institute in the Kenyan Highlands. On return he was offered a Contract to study the state of Sexual Health in the area GAFFER works. The study identified a lack of relevant and effective Sexual Health education from Primary School to the adult population. James is now leading GAFFER Health. Alongside his team, James vows not to quit until all the gaps identified have been closed.

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