GAFFER Health Updates!

Posted: 10th March 2013 8:00pm
GAFFER Health Updates!

GAFFER Health now has five trained health educators on the team! Project Coordinator Jimmy Ruwa provides a detailed update on the great work going on in the region!

GAFFER Health has been working hard in the first quarter of 2013. All our peer educators have been developing and providing vital education and support in all the villages. Esmilly has led by example so far, all her reports are excellent. She has been going through to all community groups; health centres and sometimes helps Asha in health education at schools.

Asha has also been going through the primary schools in Miasenyi, Marasi, Itinyi and the newly formed Misharinyi primary school. She has been helping Esmilly as well in the health centres.

Frank Ngati has been busy in schools where he used to work. Sasenyi, Mkamenyi, Kale and Marungu have experienced a lot of education from him. He is now more experienced than before, He is more mature now and kids are able to listen to him. Everybody around is happy to see him back to the villages after two years in college. We are expecting a lot from him in the near future.

Leonard Mhindi does a lot of work in Buguta primary, Kisimenyi and Buguta health centre. He helps kids develop poems and short skits to enable more understanding of all the aspects of education.

Zephaniah has been doing lots of work in Kasigau. Going through 6 primary schools in 5 days has never been that easy. Some schools have been missing his services sometime and he has been very consistent in his work. We are expecting him to work more in the near future. Reports from schools have not been very pleasing on his side. We are confident all activities will remain the same for the entire year.

The project is running smoothly now, we have got backing from teachers all over primary schools. We are therefore happy for such great support from the community.


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