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GAFFER Health Sanitary Towel Project

Posted: 16th August 2012 9:09am
Sanitary Towel Project

With continuing support from two Swedish nurses, GAFFER Health has been able to visit every school in the region and support the young ladies who study there!

Rural primary schools have students from five to twenty years old. As the girls grow up a common complaint is that the lack of sanitary towels prevents girls attending school during their periods. Reusable sanitary towels are cheap and easy to make and with the correct training can be as hygienic as disposable towels without the cost. The following report is by James Ruwa.

Our two experienced ladies led by Esmily Chari have been moving to schools, selecting a minimum number of 50 girls and then starting the real work. Firstly there is an education session during which girls are made aware of their monthly cycles as well as their body changes. They are taught about different issues concerning their bodies and how to avoid different challenges affecting them.

Asha Kibwana is experienced in cutting samples. As Esmily continues to talk to the young ladies, she cuts the samples ready for the day’s job. She tries her best to make sure that her samples are of the required standard. The samples are then presented to all girls and each girl is able to start work at this point. We normally distribute needles, thread, buttons and scissors for them to use. We also give them pieces of clothes so that each one can cut and make her their own. After introductions and cutting of samples, the two ladies have responsibilities of giving out materials and the young girls starts to make their own. Esmily and Asha make sure that at least each kid has one sample of her own.

It’s our hopes that all kids across kasigau schools have benefited I this project. We shall send our ladies to schools to see how their performance fairs. The following schools benefited from this project:
Mbele, Miasenyi, Marasi, Marungu, Kale, Itinyi, Sasenyi, Buguta, Kisimenyi, Rukanga, Kiteghe, Jora, Bungule, Makwasinyi and Mkamenyi primary schools. We have hence received support from teachers in various school administrations, ensuring that all kids are available when needed. The girls themselves have been happy and supportive in the same process. We are hoping for more beneficial projects in future to the kasigau and Marungu communities.

This initiative has been supported by Eva Karin-Gotting and Maria Mjobo for the second year running. Thank you ladies!

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