GAFFER Girls tour Mombasa!

Posted: 11th July 2011 3:14pm
GAFFER Girls tour Mombasa!

The first GAFFER Girls team made their debut outside the villages this weekend! With a formidable set of fixtures in the city of Mombasa, the youngsters made GAFFER proud with some great football!

The young ladies all hail from Buguta Primary School where the games teacher, Mr. Mshila, has worked hard to create GAFFER’s first competitive girls team. After a training weekend with the GAFFER coaches it was time to travel to Mombasa to face some serious opposition. The weekend began with a warm up game playing a team of beach boys the white sands of Mombasa’s coastline. For many of the girls it was the first time to see the seaside of their country. It was then time for a serious game was against Coast Queens, the Coast champions! Playing on grass for the first time the team from the Villages shocked all spectators by taking lead after just five minutes. The lead was doubled by half time and the Queens called in reinforcements in the form of the adult ladies team. The older girls soon turned the game around but could not do enough to take the lead and the match finished 2-2. A brilliant result in the face of tough opposition. The weekend finished with a tour of Mombasa conducted by GAFFER coach Mr. Mohamed and a friendly match against the boys of Mombasa Sports Club. The boys easily beat GAFFER Girls but the experience of playing at the best stadium in the city was a great experience for all involved!

The whole event was funded by Dev’s Kili climb and his kind supporters – thanks guys! GAFFER would also like to thank Coast Queens for taking girls football to the next level in Mombasa!

GAFFER promotes comfort and confidence for the youth!

Posted: 30th May 2011 12:21pm
GAFFER promotes comfort and confidence for the youth!

GAFFER Health is facilitating an exciting new project on behalf of a pair of Swedish Health Professionals who have been working in Kenya! Washable sanitary towels which will help the young ladies in the area to feel comfortable and prevent their cycles from interrupting their education.

Eva-Karin Gotting and Maria Mjobo are nurses from Sweden and had been working in the hospitals in the nearest town of Voi. They identified that girls were missing school during their periods as they had no access to sanitary towels due to their cost. Two of the GAFFER Health staff have been trained previously in fabricating washable sanitary towels from cotton and toweling materials. For a variety of reasons the age of girls at the Primary schools GAFFER works runs up to 17 years old. This results in many students experiencing their periods during school. Eva and Maria provided funding for materials and GAFFER Health are facilitating training days in each of our 15 schools. Each training day will get 60 – 80 young ladies to make two washable sanitary towels each. GAFFER hopes this will help the young ladies to be more confident and not miss vital education time! Well done to all involved!

GAFFER Girls team kicks off!

Posted: 17th May 2011 12:19pm
GAFFER Girls team kicks off!

For the first time in many years GAFFER Sport has decided it is time for a team made up of young ladies to show their stuff in Kasigau and beyond!!

Buguta Primary School is the biggest in the region where GAFFER operates. With over a thousand children and very limited resources there is very little scope for taking part in team sports. GAFFER has worked with the Under 13 and Under 16 year old boys but the girls have had to watch from the sidelines. Not any more! With the help of a pair of fantastic teachers and a hard working Peace Corps volunteer Buguta now has a girl’s team of note! GAFFER has organized two training weekends with formal coaching sessions and plenty of team building to prepare the girls for a tour of Mombasa in July! Most of these young ladies have never even visited East Africa’s largest seaside city so aside from the football it should be an amazing weekend! Watch this space for all the action…

GAFFER Health Girls Project Kicks Off!

Posted: 15th January 2011 3:43pm
Girls Day in Maungu, Kenya

GAFFER Health kicked off with the first girls empowerment day at Marasi Primary School, Maungu. Hundreds of girls and young woman got together to stand up for themseleves and their community!

All the girls from the upper forms, the female employees from GAFFER and prominent women of the community gathered together in the morning, to properly start the day with a parade trough town, chanting, dancing and singing about their cause: to stop sexual abuse, feel strong about their capabilities and put a halt to unwanted pregnancies. Once everybody arrived at the school, an interactive day full of conversation and activities took place, to help the girls to feel open about their problems and to enable them to stand up for themselves. From now on, every saturday an event like this will take place in another village in Kasigau area.

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