GAFFER Youngstars go International!

Posted: 29th April 2013 8:09pm
GAFFER Youngstars go International!

The youngest of the GAFFER Youngstars have began their preparations for their first trip outside Kenya! Having taken GAFFER to victory all over Kenya it is now time for the boys to step up and show the rest of East-Africa how to play!

The under 13s team spent a week in Maungu where our coaches were busy preparing them for the under 13s championships in Tanzania. A total of 14 boys were in the camp from 29th April to 4th may. They will be playing a seven a side football for the first time; so the coaches were really training them how to do so. They will be playing half ground so it was a lot of work where boys had to catch up and do what the coaches were doing. With the help from Mr. Mohammed, coach Tito assisted by Emmanuel did a brilliant job trying to train the boys how to play with their new boots! The muddy pitches of Moshi in Tanzania will be a great challenge after a childhood spent on the dusty fields of Kasigau region!

At the end of the week, all of the boys were able to dribble the ball with boots, run and shoot at the same time. They were really brilliant and we hope to represent Kenya very well in Tanzania from 25th to 30th.


GAFFER U13 Youngstars Training camp!

Posted: 3rd February 2013 7:01pm
SHU13 Finals!

After the success of the Under 13 tournament the finest talent was handpicked to make up the GAFFER Youngstars! The players were brought together for two training camps in preparation for tour matches throughout the Coast of Kenya!

GAFFER’s main man Jimmy Ruwa provides you with the story…

After the under 13s finals, GAFFER management decided to choose the best players from across Kasigau and bring them together for training camps to create the toughest young team the region had ever seen! Everything went as planned. With the help of Mr. Mohammed and Titus, the team was selected and players were given calling letters. It was scheduled that, players come for training from 25th January to 27th January and then another weekend from 1st February to 3rd February.

Coach Titus, with the help of one of the promising young coaches from Kasigau, Emmanuel (Adebayor), helped each other to train the young boys for both the two training weekends. Boys were really happy with both training and some other services that were offered to them. Boys are really motivated by the fact that Emmanuel has been successful yet he passed through the same rank i.e. under 13s, under 16s and later under 17s in which he represented GAFFER countrywide in 2012.

Emmanuel Mwamkono.

He is one of the most promising young coach and player from Kasigau. Due to the poor family back ground, GAFFER decided to help him after realizing his potential and willingness to continue with studies. With only his mother alive, GAFFER is helping him to pay school fees and pay accommodation for him. In return, he keeps on developing his career and help Titus in coaching and fixing footballs. He was trained by GAFFER on how to fix footballs and he has become one of the dependable people in fixing footballs. GAFFER pays him some few shillings after fixing footballs for his use at school. Emmanuel is strong, intelligent and very social young man. He is staying in one of the GAFFER stores hence he is the one responsible for all the jerseys and footballs that GAFFER uses for training and matches.

GAFFER Youngstars rule the Coast!

Posted: 15th September 2012 9:13am
GAFFER Youngstars rule the Coast!

In September the cream of GAFFER’s Youngstars were brought together again to show the big city boys how to play football!

After the success of the Under 16 Tournament, GAFFER carefully selected sixteen of the most promising young footballers from every corner of the region! The players were brought together at Marasi Primary School in Maungu for a week long training session under the supervision of coaches Mr Mo and Titus. The young men ate, played, relaxed and slept together to ensure that from sixteen individuals a team was built that could challenge the toughest in the Coast! James Ruwa provides the updates…

Our first match was played at Shanzu teachers against Coach Wenger’s young boys. Coach Wenger is one of the experienced coaches in coast province and he was an integral person in ensuring that St. John’s girls did what they did. He went to Burundi with them and he was the technical manager. After just ten minutes of play, GAFFER young stars were 2-0 behind the hosts and we had to do some changes including the defensive changes where David was introduced as well as Emmanuel in the striking force. It was difficult to believe but at half time, GAFFER was leading 3-2. The game ended at 3-3 and all teams were satisfied with the hard fought draw.

The coming day was a match against the famous Mombasa sports club. It was early in the morning and we knew that our project director and friends would be watching the afternoon match at Magongo. We had to rest our important players for the match. Emmanuel, David and Gibran were all rested for the afternoon match. GAFFER was a goal up by half time thanks to the speedy winger Bajila Bashora. In the second half, we were two goals up and they had to substitute few stronger players. The battle went on and we were 2-2 at the end of the match. Mombasa sports were not satisfied with the result considering how they were outmuscled by a village team.

The afternoon match was the long awaited one. Each one knew that the project director would be coming to see the match and boys prepared themselves very well. Magongo team looked packed with strong boys but GAFFER was technically fit and in just two minutes, Emmanuel had found the back of the net. The game went on and after good footwork with Gybran, Emmanuel added the second for himself. Bajila was at the top after two fine goal before the end of the first half. We were leading by 4 goals at half time. After the restart, they fought hard and grabbed one goal for themselves. Emmanuel was quick and ran for the counter and finally got his first ever hat-trick for the match. Gybran added the sixth and boys were really happy and went back with the following slogan: “Jamaa eeeh jamaa eeeh! Wamekula ngapi?...moja mbili tatu nne tano sita magongooooo”. It was such a crazy outing for the boys and they are looking forward to get another one in future.

GAFFER Youngstars go Nationwide!

Posted: 25th March 2012 6:56pm
The Youngstars go Nationwide!

The annual Coca-Cola Football Tournament is one of the most prestigious events in Kenya’s footballing calendar. GAFFER Youngstars made the long journey to the border town of Taveta to show their skills against teams from all of the Coast Province.

After an overnight journey that took the players through the heart of Tsavo, Kenya’s largest National Park, the boys finally arrived in the dusty, bustling town and donned their boots in preparation for a fantastic weekend of football! Two days of relentless football ensued with GAFFER Youngstars showing everyone that the time on the training ground was time well spent! With victories against Taveta and Mwatate and a draw with Voi, the Youngstars were without doubt the strongest team on show! Brilliant performances by all the GAFFER stars including a brace of goals for young Kelvin Kuite saw off the opposition and Myanyasi’s David Seaman-esque goalkeeping heroics ensured the ball remained the right side of the net! At the end of the weekend no less than six players were selected from the GAFFER boys to represent the Coast Provincial team in the national tournament!

A brilliant effort from all involved especially Mr Mohamed, Jimmy Ruwa and Tito Eluid who coached and supported the boys throughout the build up and tournament! Thank you guys…the Youngstars are a force to be reckoned with!

GAFFER Youngstars Bootcamp!

Posted: 20th February 2012 6:13pm
GAFFER Youngstars bootcamp!

Success comes at a price. For the recent footballing success of the GAFFER Youngstars all over Kenya’s Coast that price is paid on the field! GAFFER’s first training camp for both Under-16 and Under-13 youth players took place this week in the grounds of Marasi Primary school, Kenya.

Both age groups have been outstanding with victories at the most prestigious tournaments in Mombasa. With nationwide tournaments looming it was time to ensure that the young men were the best they could possibly be when they face Kenya’s finest talent! With Head Coach Titus running the show under the watchful eye of GAFFER’s most experienced football consultant, Mr Mohamed, it was time for some serious football. The boys trained, ate, slept and relaxed together to build teamwork and friendships as well as footballing prowess. Friendly matches were played at the end of each day with adult teams from around the area. The GAFFER boys held their own and by the end of the week were easily dispatching some shocked looking locals! Let’s hope the lads can make 2012 as successful as 2011!

GAFFER U13 Youngstars Rule the Coast!

Posted: 22nd December 2011 7:20pm

After the success of GAFFER’s Under 16 lads in Mombasa it was time to show the big city boys that our youngest players are a force to be reckoned with! The Play Against Drugs tournament saw teams from all over Kenya battling for the trophy and once again the GAFFER kids stole the show!

The tournament took place at Mombasa Sports Club in the heart of the city. Saturday saw the qualifying matches and the Under 13 Youngstars sailed through the first games with four superb strikes from Emmanuel Mwamkono, who lived up to his nickname of Adebayor! The confidence and skills that the boys gained on the training ground under the watchful eyes of Mr Mohamed and Tito really showed and the Youngstars were in a different class! Teams that expected to walk over the barefooted boys from the bush were given a lesson in passing and finishing that made all at GAFFER proud! After a tour of the sights and sounds of Kenya’s most historic city the boys were early to bed in preparation for Sundays finals!

The Semi-Final was against Mikidani FC who had also put on a great show the previous day. The Youngstars took an early lead through Delvan Mwaghogo and held it until half time. In the second half the Youngstars fended off a barrage of attacks lead by the skilled and experienced opposition. An equalizer was inevitable and the village lads were on the back foot with ten minutes to play bat 1-1! Something special was required and it came in the form of a solo effort from Emmanuel Adebayor. Sweeping past defenders to slam the ball into the back of the net and ensure a route to the final against the home favourites – Mombasa Sports Club! Spectators rolled in to see some of Kenya’s most promising football talent on display! In a nail biting final the Youngstars took control before half time and never looked back. With a mid-field that Arsene Wenger would have been proud of GAFFER’s finest teenagers ruled the park and Adebayor added to his amazing tally to give Youngstars the cup! Fantastic football!

As usual the excellent facilities and organization that MSC is reknown for made this an unforgettable experience for all involved. The standard of football in the Coast is improving at an astounding rate and GAFFER cannot wait to be back to mix it up with the best! Thanks to Mr Mshila, Mr Mo, James, Titus and the rest of the GAFFER crew for making it happen! Good work peoples!

SHU13 Final!!

Posted: 10th December 2011 10:30am

The Saul Hull Under 13 tournament drew to an exciting climax this weekend in the Kenyan bush! Sixteen teams made up of GAFFER’s youngest talent have been battling it out to see which village has the finest youngstars! Alongside the football action Sexual Health professionals were on hand to offer advice and testing for HIV.

The tournament is played annually in honour of Saul Hull, one of GAFFER’s greatest supporters. It takes teams made up of players in every village in the area GAFFER works and splits them into four groups with the top two of each going through to the final stages. The competition this year has been intense and the high level of training given by the team coaches under the supervision of GAFFER’s head coach, Titus Eluid, has ensured the standard is improving week by week!

The third place playoff saw Kale FC take on Makwasinyi village in an action packed encounter that went all the way to penalties! Makwasinyi held their nerve and took the victory and the 3rd place prize of a good sized goat! The final was to follow and saw two of GAFFER’s most improved young teams fight it out! Sasenyi and the local boys Itinyi lined up to see who would be crowned champions of 2011!! The game was intense and after Itinyi took an early lead Sasenyi had chance after chance to level the score. But some good luck and goalkeeping heroics prevented Sasenyi breaking the deadlock and the boys of Itinyi ruled the day!

After the celebrations had died down it was time for GAFFER to announce the names of the best players from all the teams who would go on to a week long training camp to create GAFFER Youngstars U13. This team has been invited to a Province wide tournament in the Coast in a couple of weeks time! Good luck to them!

As well as the football St Josephs of Voi provided four professional HIV counselors. Sixty people now know their HIV status which is vital in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Well done guys!!

All this is made possible by an annual fundraising party attended by all who know and love Saul. Thank you guys!

GAFFER Youngstars U16 rule the coast!!

Posted: 25th November 2011 9:33am
GAFFER Youngstars rule the coast!!

At the end of November GAFFER Youngstars traveled to the Coast to face the finest of Mombasa’s footballing youth! Hailing from villages in Taita Taveta GAFFER Youngstars were hand picked from sixteen villages in the area. Having proven themselves in Voi division it was time to take on the toughest boys in Coast Province, if not in Kenya!

Mombasa Combined Charity Academy features players from around Mombasa with teams such as Mombasa Sports Club and Jomvu Boys represented. With excellent coaching from Isa and Rila the team has been selected for an International Tournament in Tanzania in December. The match took place at Makupa Primary School field with a full PA soundsystem accompanying the football spectacle that the enthusiastic supporters were treated to! As soon as the game kicked off it was clear that the Mombasa locals were serious opposition. With calm passing under pressure and great ball skills it was like watching a young Arsenal team command the midfield. Emmanuel of Jomvu made up for his small frame with testing balls up field aimed at the striking powerhouse Omari who sprinted through on goal several times in the first half. But the Youngstars held the line and took the lead through Kimega of Rukanga Village early on. Mombasa responded with Omari rattling the bar with a free kick that Didier Drogba himself would have been proud of! The standard of football was fantastic with Mombasa stars such as Hassan and Ali giving the Youngstars a tough game. However brilliant goals from Emmanuel and Thomas added to Kimega’s second and the GAFFER team took the victory 4-3.

Once again the incredible hospitality of the Mombasa locals made the weekend a great experience for everyone involved! The football was fantastic and Mr Mohamed, James, Titus and Ben at GAFFER would like to thank Mombasa Combined Charity Academy for the warm welcome! GAFFER Youngstars are back to the bush now but will be training hard to ensure they return to the coast for more football action soon!

This year the GAFFER Youngstars have been funded by Dev’s Kili climb and his kind supporters – thanks guys!

Youngstars Training Camp!

Posted: 10th August 2011 4:19pm
Youngstars Training Camp

This week saw GAFFER’s most promising young footballers attend a training camp in preparation for games far from home! Hand picked from the sixteen teams that entered the Andrew Murch Under 16 Trophy they promise to be the toughest Youngstars yet!

Each year GAFFER selects the best of its youth players to assemble a squad that will represent the villages against teams in the nearby towns and cities. The week long training camp brings the young men together to eat, sleep and train alongside each other. Under the watchful eyes of coaches Mr Mohamed and Titus Eluid, a bunch of individual talents are transformed into a formidable footballing force! Five days of fitness, ball work and classroom sessions culminated in a warm up game against the local mens team, The Samba Boys. Despite the age and size difference the Youngstars showed their skills and took an emphatic victory by two goals to one! The first proper game will be in a week’s time when the Youngstars travel to Mwatate town. Good luck lads!

The training camp and tour matches have been made possible by Dev’s Kili Climb and his kind supporters! A massive thank you to those involved from all at GAFFER!

GAFFER Youngstars take on the rest of East Africa!

Posted: 11th December 2010 2:35pm
Mombasa International Tournament!

Following a momentous victory at Mombasa Sports Club GAFFER Youngstars were invited back for an international tournament! Featuring teams from across East-Africa this was yet another massive leap for the development of GAFFER’s finest!

The games were played over a weekend at Mombasa’s oldest sporting venue. GAFFER Youngstars played incredibly competitive matches in the group stages and eventually came out with a win, a draw and a loss. This put them agonizingly close to qualifying for the final rounds but the lads were just squeezed out on goal difference. Despite this the experience and exposure the young players gleaned was invaluable. The Youngstars were voted the most disciplined team in the tournament and two of their players were selected to represent the region at a national level! Well done boys!!

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