GAFFER Health Updates!

Posted: 10th March 2013 8:00pm
GAFFER Health Updates!

GAFFER Health now has five trained health educators on the team! Project Coordinator Jimmy Ruwa provides a detailed update on the great work going on in the region!

GAFFER Health has been working hard in the first quarter of 2013. All our peer educators have been developing and providing vital education and support in all the villages. Esmilly has led by example so far, all her reports are excellent. She has been going through to all community groups; health centres and sometimes helps Asha in health education at schools.

Asha has also been going through the primary schools in Miasenyi, Marasi, Itinyi and the newly formed Misharinyi primary school. She has been helping Esmilly as well in the health centres.

Frank Ngati has been busy in schools where he used to work. Sasenyi, Mkamenyi, Kale and Marungu have experienced a lot of education from him. He is now more experienced than before, He is more mature now and kids are able to listen to him. Everybody around is happy to see him back to the villages after two years in college. We are expecting a lot from him in the near future.

Leonard Mhindi does a lot of work in Buguta primary, Kisimenyi and Buguta health centre. He helps kids develop poems and short skits to enable more understanding of all the aspects of education.

Zephaniah has been doing lots of work in Kasigau. Going through 6 primary schools in 5 days has never been that easy. Some schools have been missing his services sometime and he has been very consistent in his work. We are expecting him to work more in the near future. Reports from schools have not been very pleasing on his side. We are confident all activities will remain the same for the entire year.

The project is running smoothly now, we have got backing from teachers all over primary schools. We are therefore happy for such great support from the community.


GAFFER Health Sanitary Towel Project

Posted: 16th August 2012 9:09am
Sanitary Towel Project

With continuing support from two Swedish nurses, GAFFER Health has been able to visit every school in the region and support the young ladies who study there!

Rural primary schools have students from five to twenty years old. As the girls grow up a common complaint is that the lack of sanitary towels prevents girls attending school during their periods. Reusable sanitary towels are cheap and easy to make and with the correct training can be as hygienic as disposable towels without the cost. The following report is by James Ruwa.

Our two experienced ladies led by Esmily Chari have been moving to schools, selecting a minimum number of 50 girls and then starting the real work. Firstly there is an education session during which girls are made aware of their monthly cycles as well as their body changes. They are taught about different issues concerning their bodies and how to avoid different challenges affecting them.

Asha Kibwana is experienced in cutting samples. As Esmily continues to talk to the young ladies, she cuts the samples ready for the day’s job. She tries her best to make sure that her samples are of the required standard. The samples are then presented to all girls and each girl is able to start work at this point. We normally distribute needles, thread, buttons and scissors for them to use. We also give them pieces of clothes so that each one can cut and make her their own. After introductions and cutting of samples, the two ladies have responsibilities of giving out materials and the young girls starts to make their own. Esmily and Asha make sure that at least each kid has one sample of her own.

It’s our hopes that all kids across kasigau schools have benefited I this project. We shall send our ladies to schools to see how their performance fairs. The following schools benefited from this project:
Mbele, Miasenyi, Marasi, Marungu, Kale, Itinyi, Sasenyi, Buguta, Kisimenyi, Rukanga, Kiteghe, Jora, Bungule, Makwasinyi and Mkamenyi primary schools. We have hence received support from teachers in various school administrations, ensuring that all kids are available when needed. The girls themselves have been happy and supportive in the same process. We are hoping for more beneficial projects in future to the kasigau and Marungu communities.

This initiative has been supported by Eva Karin-Gotting and Maria Mjobo for the second year running. Thank you ladies!

Meet the GAFFER Health guys and girls!

Posted: 5th July 2012 6:51pm
Meet the GAFFER Health guys and girls!

GAFFER Health now has five trained employees and would like you to take a moment to meet them all! With daily education lessons in Primary and Secondary schools, as well as government run Health Centres, GAFFER Health is working hard to spread vital education to people who often have no access to it otherwise.

Introductions by Jimmy Ruwa…

Esmilly Chari works in both health centers and community groups. Having grown up locally she understands the challenges that people have and enjoys giving back to her community. She is now full of energy especially after giving birth to her second born baby- Mwakio. She is shown in the photo training at Marungu Health Centre.

Asha Kibwana has been working in primary schools around Maungu, Marungu and Makina areas. The Sexual Health education lessons are especially vital in the truck stops of Maungu and Makina where prostitution and associated sexually transmitted diseases are so prevalent.

Leonard Maxwell Mhindi is our youngest boy we have in our Health project. He is a part time teacher at Buguta primary school and has been working with us since last year. He has been working as well in Buguta health center and some few groups around it. He has been teaching in Buguta, Sasenyi, Kisimenyi and Kiteghe primary schools.

Zephaniah Nyiro is working in Rukanga area. Rukanga, Jora, Bungule, Makwasinyi and Rukanga dispensary. He has been working with us in the past few months. We are looking forward to working with him for longer. This is the first week for schools and we have already started going to the schools. I got a chance to visit Kisimenyi primary school where leonard works.

GAFFER Health looks forward to 2012

Posted: 1st January 2012 7:32pm

With five trained peer educators working in fifteen primary schools, two secondary schools and four health centers around Kasigau it has been a busy year for GAFFER Health! James Ruwa looks forward to 2012 and rounds up 2011 for your reading pleasure!

As the major aim of GAFFER health, there has been different life skills lessons conducted within the schools of Kasigau. A team of five employees led by Esmilly Chari regularly teach Students within the community alongside the school teachers who have given GAFFER Health such sterling support! Kids who were in class five last year are now our new clients. GAFFER health provides lessons to kids from classes 6-8 only. 2011 class eights’ have gone but we have new class eight, new class seven and new class six. Classes six are going to start with the introduction and then proceed to the next level.

To make the kids understand our lessons better, GAFFER Health have worked with the youngsters to prepare and perform dramas and poems about poignant issues within the community such as HIV/AIDS and sexual health. Kids have really enjoyed this in their schools because the poems and dramas contain important messages that must be understood by the kids and community. GAFFER Health also extends its reach within community groups and health centers. There are 4 health centers in Kasigau and GAFFER Health has been working alongside the professionals to facilitate education to those who need it most. With the doctor’s advice, GAFFER employees teaches the most touching issues in the community and it is at this level where family planning and use of condoms are demonstrated.

GAFFER Health has been very much involved in making sure that community members get Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV/AIDS in their villages during GAFFER events such as football finals, one day tournaments, World AIDS day and other events. In this regard, GAFFER health have collaborated with St. Josephs shelter of hope to provide testing equipments and trained doctors and counsellers. Our recent Under 13s football finals had 60 people tested. Along with testing and advice, St Josephs provides support for those who are living positively with the illness.

Girls have benefited a lot this year. With support from two Swedish ladies, we were able to visit all 15 primary schools teaching girls how to make locally available sanitary pads which are both hygienic and washable so that no young lady has to miss school due to her natural cycles.

In December 2011, GAFFER worked with local Peace Corps volunteers to organize a week long camp for the girls at Kiteghe village. GAFFER Health facilitated health education through football demonstration. Furthermore, Esmilly Chari and Asha Kibwana; our female GAFFER health employees represented GAFFER in this event. The main aim was to make girls aware that they are very important in the community and how to avoid early pregnancies, diseases and others. The theme of the event was “YES GIRLS CAN”.

It has been a busy year and with such great support from all the places that GAFFER Health works we are sure we can make 2012 even more successful!

GAFFER promotes comfort and confidence for the youth!

Posted: 30th May 2011 12:21pm
GAFFER promotes comfort and confidence for the youth!

GAFFER Health is facilitating an exciting new project on behalf of a pair of Swedish Health Professionals who have been working in Kenya! Washable sanitary towels which will help the young ladies in the area to feel comfortable and prevent their cycles from interrupting their education.

Eva-Karin Gotting and Maria Mjobo are nurses from Sweden and had been working in the hospitals in the nearest town of Voi. They identified that girls were missing school during their periods as they had no access to sanitary towels due to their cost. Two of the GAFFER Health staff have been trained previously in fabricating washable sanitary towels from cotton and toweling materials. For a variety of reasons the age of girls at the Primary schools GAFFER works runs up to 17 years old. This results in many students experiencing their periods during school. Eva and Maria provided funding for materials and GAFFER Health are facilitating training days in each of our 15 schools. Each training day will get 60 – 80 young ladies to make two washable sanitary towels each. GAFFER hopes this will help the young ladies to be more confident and not miss vital education time! Well done to all involved!

GAFFER Sport & Health day out!

Posted: 20th August 2010 5:23pm
GAFFER Sport & Health Day!

GAFFER took advantage of the school holidays to organize a day of football tournaments, health education and HIV Counseling and Testing for the people in and around Buguta Village!

The Men’s football tournament saw six Villages from the area represented. After hard fought qualifying rounds the Semi-Finals both went to penalty shoot outs! Kale beating Marungu and Mkamenyi showing Kisimenyi how to kick from the spot! Hundreds of fans cheered the teams on in the final match and after a hard fought game Kale reigned supreme with a convincing 2 – 0 victory! The winning team were awarding a large goat for their outstanding efforts! Kale are the team to watch as GAFFER Sport plans the upcoming Kasigau Champions League 6 for the big guys!

GAFFER Health continued to build on their excellent work in the local schools and health centres! The Peer Educators were on hand to answer questions relating to sexual health issues and St. Josephs Centre of Hope provided free Voluntary Counseling and Testing facilities for the assembled. Five nurses occupied private consultation rooms set up by GAFFER Health and tested and talked to those who chose to know their status. By the end of the day 63 people had been tested. HIV Testing is an important tool in the fight against the virus and GAFFER Health aims to work with St. Josephs to increase awareness of the free services available in the area.

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