KCL 7 Finals!

Posted: 21st April 2012 8:37am
KCL 7 Finals!

After the toughest competition GAFFER has seen in years the Kasigau Champions League 7 reached an exciting climax this weekend in Buguta Village, Kenya! The mens league is always a fascinating spectacle with village rivalries played out on the field!

This year the finals were played at Buguta Primary School sports ground. The biggest village that GAFFER works in made its size felt as hundreds of fans turned out for one of the toughest finals in years! With an exhibition match which pitted teachers against students the crowd was nicely warmed up for the main event! Jora village had seen off tough opposition from their traditional rivals Rukanga and Bungule in the group stages and were ready for a big game. Their experienced team were strong favourites to take the trophy! Tsavo Lions hail from Miasenyi village and had several young players from the successful GAFFER Youngstars team.

Jora took control and the lead early on but with an equalizer just before half time in the baking heat Tsavo Lions set up a second half to savour! A fascinating three-quarters of an hour followed and in the end Miasenyi’s young legs conquered the experienced Jora team with an emphatic 3-1 victory! The crowd went wild and the celebrations continued all the way home for the Miasenyi boys who had earned a wonderful victory!

During the day St Josephs Centre of Hope were on hand to offer free and discrete voluntary counseling and HIV testing for anyone who wished to know their status. 77 people were tested which is a brilliant achievement in the fight against AIDS in Kenya. Well done guys and girls!

GAFFER Girls team kicks off!

Posted: 17th May 2011 12:19pm
GAFFER Girls team kicks off!

For the first time in many years GAFFER Sport has decided it is time for a team made up of young ladies to show their stuff in Kasigau and beyond!!

Buguta Primary School is the biggest in the region where GAFFER operates. With over a thousand children and very limited resources there is very little scope for taking part in team sports. GAFFER has worked with the Under 13 and Under 16 year old boys but the girls have had to watch from the sidelines. Not any more! With the help of a pair of fantastic teachers and a hard working Peace Corps volunteer Buguta now has a girl’s team of note! GAFFER has organized two training weekends with formal coaching sessions and plenty of team building to prepare the girls for a tour of Mombasa in July! Most of these young ladies have never even visited East Africa’s largest seaside city so aside from the football it should be an amazing weekend! Watch this space for all the action…

GAFFER Sport & Health day out!

Posted: 20th August 2010 5:23pm
GAFFER Sport & Health Day!

GAFFER took advantage of the school holidays to organize a day of football tournaments, health education and HIV Counseling and Testing for the people in and around Buguta Village!

The Men’s football tournament saw six Villages from the area represented. After hard fought qualifying rounds the Semi-Finals both went to penalty shoot outs! Kale beating Marungu and Mkamenyi showing Kisimenyi how to kick from the spot! Hundreds of fans cheered the teams on in the final match and after a hard fought game Kale reigned supreme with a convincing 2 – 0 victory! The winning team were awarding a large goat for their outstanding efforts! Kale are the team to watch as GAFFER Sport plans the upcoming Kasigau Champions League 6 for the big guys!

GAFFER Health continued to build on their excellent work in the local schools and health centres! The Peer Educators were on hand to answer questions relating to sexual health issues and St. Josephs Centre of Hope provided free Voluntary Counseling and Testing facilities for the assembled. Five nurses occupied private consultation rooms set up by GAFFER Health and tested and talked to those who chose to know their status. By the end of the day 63 people had been tested. HIV Testing is an important tool in the fight against the virus and GAFFER Health aims to work with St. Josephs to increase awareness of the free services available in the area.

GAFFER Under 13 league kicks off!

Posted: 3rd May 2010 12:02am
Under 13 League

A key part of GAFFER’s work in Kenya is to develop the youth. The first Under 13 league GAFFER has run is about to kick off. Titus Eluid reports after his first coaching session in Buguta village.

This year we are happy to let you know that we do have another kids league for those of 13years and below. We first thought of starting it in 8 villages which are really close to others divided into two groups A & B playing in a round robin format. The team which tops in each group play in a final in Maungu with runners playing third place play off. We have set everything ready to kick off the league and in the mean time we have been doing training sessions with these selected teams.

We hope that everything is going to run as expected as we look forward to it and in the end extend it to all the other villages within Kasigau region.

Kind regards,
GAFFER regional coordinator

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