GAFFER U13 Youngstars Rocking East-Africa!

Posted: 15th May 2013 3:14pm
GAFFER Under 13s Rocking East-Africa!

After weeks of preparations, GAFFER Youngstars crossed the Kenyan boarder to Moshi, Tanzania for a week-long East African cup tournament!

The well prepared boys got ready early morning for the tournament and reached moshi in the evening. That evening, boys lined up for the opening ceremony where our boys were really happy to meet over three thousand children from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Zambia. It was such a great experience and boys were very happy.

Early morning, it was the duty of the boys to show what they can do in the tournament. GAFFER young stars were grouped with Moshi local, Chrisc Tanzania and Victoria academy. Following a lot of rain that poured early that morning, the ground was slippery and the boys were forced to play without shoes.

The first match was 2-1!! First win for GAFFER young stars courtesy of goals from 11 year old Wango Mwakizori at the second half. GAFFER was already leading the group after the other two teams drew their match.

The second match was a draw courtesy of Delvan Mwaghogho’s goal in the second half. We had already booked a place in the quarter finals even after losing the third match. Our quarter finals went 1-0 after a goal from Eldoret chrisc midfielder.

GAFFER young stars were out of the tournament but it was such a great experience. Boys were beaten by the champions as chrisc eldoret emerged the winners for this tournament in the junior category. GAFFER young stars are looking forward to going back next year with great hopes of winning and come back with the prestigious trophy.
Well done to everyone who made this trip successful.

GAFFER Youngstars go International!

Posted: 29th April 2013 8:09pm
GAFFER Youngstars go International!

The youngest of the GAFFER Youngstars have began their preparations for their first trip outside Kenya! Having taken GAFFER to victory all over Kenya it is now time for the boys to step up and show the rest of East-Africa how to play!

The under 13s team spent a week in Maungu where our coaches were busy preparing them for the under 13s championships in Tanzania. A total of 14 boys were in the camp from 29th April to 4th may. They will be playing a seven a side football for the first time; so the coaches were really training them how to do so. They will be playing half ground so it was a lot of work where boys had to catch up and do what the coaches were doing. With the help from Mr. Mohammed, coach Tito assisted by Emmanuel did a brilliant job trying to train the boys how to play with their new boots! The muddy pitches of Moshi in Tanzania will be a great challenge after a childhood spent on the dusty fields of Kasigau region!

At the end of the week, all of the boys were able to dribble the ball with boots, run and shoot at the same time. They were really brilliant and we hope to represent Kenya very well in Tanzania from 25th to 30th.


Mkamenyi take the Under 13 Title

Posted: 20th June 2010 5:15pm
Mkamenyi take the win!

GAFFER’s first tournament for the Under 13 boys came to an exhilarating climax this weekend! The underdogs from Mkamenyi Village continued to impress with yet another solid performance!

Kale Village were hot favourites to take the U13 trophy but the incredible amount of hours put in on the training field paid off for Mr Frank and his boys! While Kale will be disappointed with the 5 – 0 defeat, all the spectators sang the praises of Mkamenyi’s young stars. However Kale cruised right up to the final and have promised to train hard and be back for the next U13 Cup!

GAFFER Under 13 league kicks off!

Posted: 3rd May 2010 12:02am
Under 13 League

A key part of GAFFER’s work in Kenya is to develop the youth. The first Under 13 league GAFFER has run is about to kick off. Titus Eluid reports after his first coaching session in Buguta village.

This year we are happy to let you know that we do have another kids league for those of 13years and below. We first thought of starting it in 8 villages which are really close to others divided into two groups A & B playing in a round robin format. The team which tops in each group play in a final in Maungu with runners playing third place play off. We have set everything ready to kick off the league and in the mean time we have been doing training sessions with these selected teams.

We hope that everything is going to run as expected as we look forward to it and in the end extend it to all the other villages within Kasigau region.

Kind regards,
GAFFER regional coordinator

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