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Saul Hull Under 13 Kicks Off!

Posted: 21st October 2012 6:49pm
Saul Hull Under 13 Kicks Off!

The 2012 edition of GAFFER’s competition for the youngest lads kicked off this weekend in Kasigau! Played in memory of one of GAFFER’s greatest supporters, Saul Hull, this year promises to be the best ever!

Featuring sixteen village teams from every corner of the region the tournament plays off in a Champions League style format with the best teams making it through the group stages and into the finals! Hot favourites this year hailed from deepest Kasigau zone where the rough rural football pitches hone skills as well as strength. The teams had been training daily after class in preparation for the Sunday games. As the group stages are fought, GAFFER scouts are on hand to spot the best of the young talent who will make up the GAFFER Under 13 Youngstars and represent their region throughout Kenya!

Good luck lads…lets make this the best Saul Hull Under 13 tournament ever!

Saul Hull Under 13 Tournament kicks off!!

Posted: 17th September 2011 9:45am
Saul Hull Under 13 Tournament kicks off!!

The Saul Hull Under 13 Tournament kicked off last weekend with four teams battling for the first three points. Played in memory of one of GAFFER's greatest supporters the games showcase the youngest footballing talent in the area!

Jora played against Rukanga in the first game which was played at Jora, while Bungule played against Makwasinyi at Bungule primary school.
In this regard, Jora beat Rukanga 7-1. This was the biggest result Jora got in the history of the two teams. No one has ever beaten the other one more than 5 goals since GAFFER started many years back.
Bungule were beaten at home by Makwasinyi 3-1. The winners were happy with the results and they promised to keep the results all the way to win the league. Everyone was amazed by Makwasinyi's display bearing in mind that their under 16s team was beaten 3-0 by Bungule during their opening match at the same venue last season.

Blog by Jimmy Ruwa.

GAFFER Youngstars triumph in Mombasa!

Posted: 16th October 2010 9:35pm
GAFFER Youngstars!

GAFFER’s best players from the Saul Hull Under 13’s trained together for the first time this weekend before taking on Mombasa’s most formidable team…and winning! A truly brilliant achievement for all involved!

The standard of football was high throughout the recent SHU13 Championship and GAFFER’s main man Titus knew his team would be tough. Most of the 15 Youngstars who were lucky enough to make the grade had never seen the sea before but didn’t let this put them off their morning training sessions on Kenya’s famous beaches. When the game against Mombasa Sports Club came round they were ready for the best team in the Coast Province. The game was tough especially as the MSC kids had the home advantage on grass and in boots. GAFFER Youngstars had trained so hard for this fixture they were eager to impress and a wonderfully crafted goal finished by Emmanual gave them a 1-0 lead which was stoutly defended for the duration of the match!

Last years “SaulGood” event raised the money for the Youngstars and a massive shout must go out to all who attended. GAFFER could not have pulled off their most famous victory yet without you guys!

SHU13 Final!

Posted: 9th October 2010 9:28pm
SHU13 Finals

After weeks of tough competition the Saul Hull Under 13 Championship reached an exciting climax! Eight village teams had battled to reach the finals and the standard of football has been remarkable considering this is only the second trophy for GAFFER's youngest stars!

Hot favourites Maungu faced the rising stars of Mkamenyi in an action packed finale! After a hard fought game just one goal separated the teams and Maungu were crowned champions in front of their home support! The day was a really great success and many fans turned up to support the future of Kenyan football. There were exhibition matches for both adults and under 16’s and GAFFER Health were on hand to provide sexual health education to the fans. The best players from all eight teams will be hand picked to make up GAFFER Youngstars who will represent GAFFER countrywide!

The SHU13 Championship is played in memory of one of GAFFER’s greatest supporters, Saul Hull, who tragically passed away in 2008. Saul loved football and supported GAFFER from the early beginnings. All at GAFFER are very proud to host the tournament in his honour. An annual event raises money which funds the championship as well as the Youngstars as they travel to show Kenya what the GAFFER boys can do!

SHU13 Cup Kicks off!

Posted: 14th August 2010 5:18pm
SHU13 Cup Kicks off!

The Saul Hull Under 13 Cup kicked off this weekend! Played in memory of one of GAFFER’s greatest supporters who sadly passed in 2008. The cup builds on the enthusiasm developed in the recent youth tournaments and will end with the brightest young players being taken on tour!

The tournament takes eight village teams of Under 13 year olds who play in groups before the group winners meet in the finals! The teams train daily with their GAFFER trained coach to ensure that the young players have the guidance required to develop. The first weekend saw Marungu U13 defeat Itinyi 3 – 0 and the defending champions Mkamenyi get off to a flying start with a 4 – 1 victory over Sasenyi!

GAFFER Under 13 league kicks off!

Posted: 3rd May 2010 12:02am
Under 13 League

A key part of GAFFER’s work in Kenya is to develop the youth. The first Under 13 league GAFFER has run is about to kick off. Titus Eluid reports after his first coaching session in Buguta village.

This year we are happy to let you know that we do have another kids league for those of 13years and below. We first thought of starting it in 8 villages which are really close to others divided into two groups A & B playing in a round robin format. The team which tops in each group play in a final in Maungu with runners playing third place play off. We have set everything ready to kick off the league and in the mean time we have been doing training sessions with these selected teams.

We hope that everything is going to run as expected as we look forward to it and in the end extend it to all the other villages within Kasigau region.

Kind regards,
GAFFER regional coordinator

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