Pink Bike Ride

Posted: 22nd January 2008 12:26am
Pink Bike Ride!

On February the 15th, a brave young explorer will be embarking on an epic mission. The likes of which have never been attempted before and, I’m guessing, will never be attempted again. The challenge is a bike ride from the historic University town of Oxford, all the way to Bristol. But this is no ordinary bike ride as it is to be attempted on no ordinary bike. I think the following photograph goes some way to explaining the enormity of the mission.

Ben will be wearing a pink, skintight, 1980’s cycling jersey emblazoned with the GAFFER logo and a helmet from a range that is specially designed for the fairer sex. In addition he will be riding a pink BMX. The journey will be long and hard, it’s not as if he can just cruise down the M4, though that would be even more hilarious. The route is over 90 miles along country roads. 90 miles is a really, really long way on a BMX that weighs as much as Johnny Vegas. Being 6’3” doesn’t exactly help either. It’s the bicycle equivalent of Frankie Dettori riding the 2.13 at Ascot on a badger. The mission could take up to three days. Fortunately a support car driven by a group of young men and women will provide food, water, back rubs and verbal abuse for the entire journey, as well as ensuring Ben doesn’t hop on the train at Chippenham.

The ride has been featured in the Oxford Mail and the Oxford Times. All the sponsorship is in aid of the GAFFER initiative. If you would like to donate to GAFFER please visit the SPONSORSHIP PAGE.

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