GAFFER Girls team kicks off!

Posted: 17th May 2011 12:19pm
GAFFER Girls team kicks off!

For the first time in many years GAFFER Sport has decided it is time for a team made up of young ladies to show their stuff in Kasigau and beyond!!

Buguta Primary School is the biggest in the region where GAFFER operates. With over a thousand children and very limited resources there is very little scope for taking part in team sports. GAFFER has worked with the Under 13 and Under 16 year old boys but the girls have had to watch from the sidelines. Not any more! With the help of a pair of fantastic teachers and a hard working Peace Corps volunteer Buguta now has a girl’s team of note! GAFFER has organized two training weekends with formal coaching sessions and plenty of team building to prepare the girls for a tour of Mombasa in July! Most of these young ladies have never even visited East Africa’s largest seaside city so aside from the football it should be an amazing weekend! Watch this space for all the action…

Andrew Murch Under-16 Cup kicks off!

Posted: 7th May 2011 4:55pm
Andrew Murch Under 16s

The 2011 edition of the Andrew Murch Under-16 tournament kicked off in Kasigau this weekend! Over the next three months the best of the area’s young footballing talent will battle it out to lift the cup!

The tournament is supported by friends and family of a young British football lover who tragically passed away. The cup is played in groups then knock out final stages and features 15 teams from all around the area!

The focus this year is on developing a Youngstar team of our most promising boys and taking them on tour to show the rest of Kenya what GAFFER Youngstars can do! To this end training has been stepped up in all the Primary Schools and Alive & Kicking’s famous footballs are being loaned to the schools to support their teams. GAFFER promises its quickest ever turnaround times when fixing balls punctured by the tough pitches therefore maximizing ball time for the young players.

The first games featured Makwasinyi travelling to Bungule for a brilliant game watched by parents and fans from all around. The local boys came good with a 3-0 victory to jump start their campaign. Jora hosted Rukanga in a tough 3-1 victory played out in front of most of Jora village! It was great to see kids as young as 12 years old competing and showing that ball skills and quick feet can outwit brute force on the football pitch! GAFFER is looking forward to developing its most competitive Youngstars ever!

Kula Mbuzi Cup 2011!

Posted: 30th March 2011 5:02pm
Kula Mbuzi Cup

GAFFER Sport and Health teamed up once again to organize the annual Eat Goat Cup in Kenya! This year the event was hosted at Jora Village’s scenic football ground and combined fantastic football, health education and free voluntary HIV counseling and testing for the assembled crowd.

Four villages were invited for the knock out tournament and St Josephs once again provided trained counselors and nurses for the testing centre. The first game was a highly anticipated local derby between Jora and Bungule. The home team were behind at half time but young Pitwell Mawundo “did a Messi” in the second half to astonish the supporters as he drilled a pair of 20 yard screamers to take Jora to the final! Kiteghe then knocked out Rukanga 2-1 to face Jora in the big game! The high light of the third place playoff had to be the tournaments youngest player and a key member of GAFFER Youngstars. Alongo Mwatela tourmented the Kiteghe defence set up the equalizer then placed home a sweet winner to give Rukanga third place and a large chicken as their trophy!

The crowd swelled as news of the final spread around town. The young players of Jora and Kiteghe were locked in a fierce midfield stalemate with few chances and tenacious tackling. With the crowd graudually cheering louder and louder Jora seemed to respond and dominated the final third of the game with their young hero Pitwell forcing home the winner with a few minutes to spare! The crowd invaded the pitch in traditional fashion and the first prize of a large billy goat was paraded back into town for a well deserved post match feast!

GAFFER Health and St Josephs managed to test 51 under-18’s while the football went on in the background. A sterling achievement given the importance of young Kenyans knowing their status from the moment they become sexually active. The testing took place in specially prepared classrooms in Jora Primary school which has been recently revamped by the very excellent African Promise Project! .

KCL 6 Final!

Posted: 19th February 2011 3:50pm
KCL Final 2011!!

The Sixth edition of the Men’s Inter-Village tournament came to a climax at Marasi Football ground. After months of tough competition it was finally time to declare the winner! The games also saw GAFFER’s all conquering Youngstars take on an under-13’s team from the big city as HIV testing set new records in the background…

The games began with the 3rd Place play off between Rukanga and Kale villages. After a tough fought game an injury time winner from the younger of Kale’s in form Katana’s brothers added to his big siblings opener and Kale took the game 2-1! GAFFER Youngstars wanted to show the assembled the massive improvements in form that have seen them go from village pitches to city stadiums in their rapid rise as young footballers! They challenged Jomvu United who had traveled from Mombasa. A brilliant display from both sides entertained the crowd and GAFFER’s youngsters impressed with a 2-0 victory. The Jomvu coaches invited GAFFER to a rematch in Mombasa which promises to be a great day out for all involved. Hundreds of supporters turned up for the final game and cheered their teams on. After taking an early lead Samba Boys spent much of the game under pressure and a last minute penalty converted by Tom Kilonzo took the game to extra time! Deep into extra time local boy Joshua Kitiro had a “Pele moment” with a 20 yard drive to ensure the cup stayed with Samba for another year!

Whilst the games were played, St Josephs of Voi provided trained HIV Counsellers to test people on a voluntary basis. James Ruwa and the rest of the GAFFER Health team organized and by the end of the proceedings over 120 more local people knew their status. A massive achievement for all involved!

Blog by Titus Eluid

GAFFER Health Girls Project Kicks Off!

Posted: 15th January 2011 3:43pm
Girls Day in Maungu, Kenya

GAFFER Health kicked off with the first girls empowerment day at Marasi Primary School, Maungu. Hundreds of girls and young woman got together to stand up for themseleves and their community!

All the girls from the upper forms, the female employees from GAFFER and prominent women of the community gathered together in the morning, to properly start the day with a parade trough town, chanting, dancing and singing about their cause: to stop sexual abuse, feel strong about their capabilities and put a halt to unwanted pregnancies. Once everybody arrived at the school, an interactive day full of conversation and activities took place, to help the girls to feel open about their problems and to enable them to stand up for themselves. From now on, every saturday an event like this will take place in another village in Kasigau area.

Blog by James Ruwa

GAFFER Youngstars take on the rest of East Africa!

Posted: 11th December 2010 2:35pm
Mombasa International Tournament!

Following a momentous victory at Mombasa Sports Club GAFFER Youngstars were invited back for an international tournament! Featuring teams from across East-Africa this was yet another massive leap for the development of GAFFER’s finest!

The games were played over a weekend at Mombasa’s oldest sporting venue. GAFFER Youngstars played incredibly competitive matches in the group stages and eventually came out with a win, a draw and a loss. This put them agonizingly close to qualifying for the final rounds but the lads were just squeezed out on goal difference. Despite this the experience and exposure the young players gleaned was invaluable. The Youngstars were voted the most disciplined team in the tournament and two of their players were selected to represent the region at a national level! Well done boys!!

GAFFER Youngstars triumph in Mombasa!

Posted: 16th October 2010 9:35pm
GAFFER Youngstars!

GAFFER’s best players from the Saul Hull Under 13’s trained together for the first time this weekend before taking on Mombasa’s most formidable team…and winning! A truly brilliant achievement for all involved!

The standard of football was high throughout the recent SHU13 Championship and GAFFER’s main man Titus knew his team would be tough. Most of the 15 Youngstars who were lucky enough to make the grade had never seen the sea before but didn’t let this put them off their morning training sessions on Kenya’s famous beaches. When the game against Mombasa Sports Club came round they were ready for the best team in the Coast Province. The game was tough especially as the MSC kids had the home advantage on grass and in boots. GAFFER Youngstars had trained so hard for this fixture they were eager to impress and a wonderfully crafted goal finished by Emmanual gave them a 1-0 lead which was stoutly defended for the duration of the match!

Last years “SaulGood” event raised the money for the Youngstars and a massive shout must go out to all who attended. GAFFER could not have pulled off their most famous victory yet without you guys!

SHU13 Final!

Posted: 9th October 2010 9:28pm
SHU13 Finals

After weeks of tough competition the Saul Hull Under 13 Championship reached an exciting climax! Eight village teams had battled to reach the finals and the standard of football has been remarkable considering this is only the second trophy for GAFFER's youngest stars!

Hot favourites Maungu faced the rising stars of Mkamenyi in an action packed finale! After a hard fought game just one goal separated the teams and Maungu were crowned champions in front of their home support! The day was a really great success and many fans turned up to support the future of Kenyan football. There were exhibition matches for both adults and under 16’s and GAFFER Health were on hand to provide sexual health education to the fans. The best players from all eight teams will be hand picked to make up GAFFER Youngstars who will represent GAFFER countrywide!

The SHU13 Championship is played in memory of one of GAFFER’s greatest supporters, Saul Hull, who tragically passed away in 2008. Saul loved football and supported GAFFER from the early beginnings. All at GAFFER are very proud to host the tournament in his honour. An annual event raises money which funds the championship as well as the Youngstars as they travel to show Kenya what the GAFFER boys can do!

GAFFER Sport & Health day out!

Posted: 20th August 2010 5:23pm
GAFFER Sport & Health Day!

GAFFER took advantage of the school holidays to organize a day of football tournaments, health education and HIV Counseling and Testing for the people in and around Buguta Village!

The Men’s football tournament saw six Villages from the area represented. After hard fought qualifying rounds the Semi-Finals both went to penalty shoot outs! Kale beating Marungu and Mkamenyi showing Kisimenyi how to kick from the spot! Hundreds of fans cheered the teams on in the final match and after a hard fought game Kale reigned supreme with a convincing 2 – 0 victory! The winning team were awarding a large goat for their outstanding efforts! Kale are the team to watch as GAFFER Sport plans the upcoming Kasigau Champions League 6 for the big guys!

GAFFER Health continued to build on their excellent work in the local schools and health centres! The Peer Educators were on hand to answer questions relating to sexual health issues and St. Josephs Centre of Hope provided free Voluntary Counseling and Testing facilities for the assembled. Five nurses occupied private consultation rooms set up by GAFFER Health and tested and talked to those who chose to know their status. By the end of the day 63 people had been tested. HIV Testing is an important tool in the fight against the virus and GAFFER Health aims to work with St. Josephs to increase awareness of the free services available in the area.

GAFFER makes headlines!

Posted: 30th March 2009 11:30pm
Coastweek Article

The recent tour match to Mombasa has made the papers! Coastweek, the paper of choice in Mombasa, provided a full run down of all the action.

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