The league is go!

Posted: 12th May 2008 11:22am
Jora Vs Bungule

And the Kasigau Champions League is go! the first four matches took place yesterday. James attended Jora Vs Bungule, an age old rivals match. It ended nil nil but was not a game without chances. Both teams played well and I imagine the next time they meet will be quite something.

By all accounts the other matches all went well also and our new referees are performing wonderfuly. They had a nice chance to practice the day before with a youth match between Itinyi and Maungu, a match that also drew but with two goals a piece that time. Next week sees the kick off of the north Zone teams and all the action should be on a league section of this site soon.

The balls are fixed!

Posted: 9th May 2008 12:04pm
James Ruwa

A happy day for GAFFER today. James Ruwa has been back from college and fixing footballs for us inbetween bouts of studying hard! He has now fixed all of the footballs that GAFFER has supplied to the villages and teams and they are winging their way back to their respective owners.

Tomorrow James and Mr Mohamed will be running a seminar to train the referees for the new league and have set up a match between the youth teams from Maungu and Itinyi, this promises to be a great day for all. The big day then comes on Sunday when the new Kasigau Champions League begins in earnest with the first four matches! Look out for an update and some pictures from these fixtures very soon.

GAFFER gets busy

Posted: 30th April 2008 6:32pm
gaffer visits

Busy times for GAFFER these last few weeks. Mr Mohamed has officially jined the family and will be adding his unique and fantastic form of football comentary to this site very soon. Ben also paid James a visit at GAFFER HQ for a few weeks.

The league kick off is on May 11th and is shaping up nicely. The fixtures are being prepared for the site as we speak. The captains all convened in Maungu this last week and all is set for another great season. Ben and James then set about visiting pitches and players to ensure all is set.

This looks set to be a great championship and with Mr Mohamed on board things can only look good for football in East Africa!

GAFFER School visits

Posted: 9th April 2008 1:03pm

James has been hard at work for GAFFER visitng the schools and villages we work with. The welcome has been amazing and the kids are all still very active and playing lots of football after school! The men's teams are now hard at work also training for the new league. Fixtures lists are going out today and we have lots of exciting times ahead!

Keep checking back here soon for details of how the league and the youth training is continueing. We are also soon to be putting video content on the site featuring matches from the league!

GAFFER welcomes new people to the family!

Posted: 18th March 2008 2:24pm

GAFFER would like to officially welcome a few new people to the family. Ryce, Philip, Gibran, Mohammed and Cyprian are all players for various teams across the villages. They have been previously been helping to coach the kids after schools before playing for their own teams and we are delighted that they have agreed to do this more regularly now. This means we are now starting to have a larger team of people out both teaching football and delivering HIV/Aids lessons in schools.

This is great news for GAFFER and great news for the local youth. These guys are all looked up to as good players and the kids will really benefit from their coaching and experience. It also means lots more football and lots more fun for everyone out here!

The Kasigau Champions league 4 is gearing up nicely and we hope to have a fixtures list up here soon for anyone wishing to follow the progress. The anticipation is high and it looks set to be a fantastic contest. The players are all asked as part of their participation in the league to do some community service also. This is great news for the Kasigau area too because it means more football coaching for the youth and also a good chance to get back to the tree planting and other educational things that GAFFER is involved in helping to benefit the local area.

Gaffer Updates

Posted: 11th March 2008 10:33am

Hello all. I (James) have now arrived out at GAFFER HQ at Wildlife Works near Maungu. For those that don't know, Kamau, our main man out here, had a motorbike accident just after Christmas last year. He is recovering with his family near Nairobi at the moment and our thoughts and best wishes go out to him.

The football is still on track out here now however! The coaches are all getting back into the schools to look after the youth teams and we are now also beginning the preperations for the Kasigau Champions League 4. There will be full updates and a fixtures list on this site as soon as it is finalised. That about covers it for now but please keep checking back for more information.

Gaffer Lunch

Posted: 22nd January 2008 12:36am
Gaffer Lunch

On Sunday the 19th of February St Andrews school canteen in Oxford was transformed into a first class restaurant by Ben and his team of enthusiastic helpers. 56 people turned up for a meal chosen from the following menu.

Four big tables were filled and in less than 3 hours Saul, pretty much single handedly, produced 168 plates of food that were ably delivered to the assembled by some brilliant, if inexperienced, waiters. After the meal Ben gave a presentation to the diners about GAFFER and got some great feedback. The event raised over £900 for the GAFFER initiative and was unanimously heralded as a great success by all who were involved.

Ben would like to take this opportunity to thank the following:

Everyone Who Came - You were all fantastic and I'm so glad you enjoyed consuming the cuisine as much as we did preparing it!

Saul Hull - Chef Extraordinaire - Have you ever seen a man with a four foot high flame coming out of a pan in one hand whilst the other hand dextrously drizzles honey & mustard dressing in a perfect circle around a pile of rocket? Well I have! Cheers Saul, from writing a shopping list that would keep us busy for 4 hours in the supermarket to producing 56 covers in 3 hours, you were a star! And congratulations for not swearing at the kitchen staff! (Well, not much anyway!)

Patrick McKenna, Tom Fairfield, Gina Field, Jasmin Levy, Leon Cole and Tom Sell - With no previous kitchen experience you would have all been top of the class in waitering/washing up/not losing your rag school!

Natacha - For selling so many tickets and sorting out the wine for the guests.

Mum & Dad! - For everything...

Pink Bike Ride

Posted: 22nd January 2008 12:26am
Pink Bike Ride!

On February the 15th, a brave young explorer will be embarking on an epic mission. The likes of which have never been attempted before and, I’m guessing, will never be attempted again. The challenge is a bike ride from the historic University town of Oxford, all the way to Bristol. But this is no ordinary bike ride as it is to be attempted on no ordinary bike. I think the following photograph goes some way to explaining the enormity of the mission.

Ben will be wearing a pink, skintight, 1980’s cycling jersey emblazoned with the GAFFER logo and a helmet from a range that is specially designed for the fairer sex. In addition he will be riding a pink BMX. The journey will be long and hard, it’s not as if he can just cruise down the M4, though that would be even more hilarious. The route is over 90 miles along country roads. 90 miles is a really, really long way on a BMX that weighs as much as Johnny Vegas. Being 6’3” doesn’t exactly help either. It’s the bicycle equivalent of Frankie Dettori riding the 2.13 at Ascot on a badger. The mission could take up to three days. Fortunately a support car driven by a group of young men and women will provide food, water, back rubs and verbal abuse for the entire journey, as well as ensuring Ben doesn’t hop on the train at Chippenham.

The ride has been featured in the Oxford Mail and the Oxford Times. All the sponsorship is in aid of the GAFFER initiative. If you would like to donate to GAFFER please visit the SPONSORSHIP PAGE.


Posted: 21st January 2008 11:35pm
Old Goalposts!

Most rural football pitches visited simply use pieces of wood sunk into the ground to act as posts, sometimes with a piece of string as a crossbar. This causes the following problems:

* The lack of crossbar means you never really know when the ball goes in. This doesn't help when you are playing an important game and there are 200 people arguing on the pitch about how high a crossbar should be

* The wooden posts are rarely secured in the dirt so they are a danger to the younger kids who use them unsupervised

* Termites are widespread in Kenya and they love to eat wood. Consequently the posts don't last long

* You don't get that resounding "ping" when the ball hits the frame of the goal.

So this is how Ben makes some good quality, fairly cheap goalposts.

* Purchase some long lengths of 3" diameter steel water pipe. Water pipe is used because it resists corrosion much better than mild steel pipe. It costs more but should last years longer

* Also purchase some 90o connectors

* Cut the pipe to length. Tap threads on the ends. Paint the posts white.

* Take them to a village. Dig some big holes. 50cm x 50cm squares and 80 cm deep. The square shape of the holes stops the posts twisting

* Screw the posts together and drop them in the holes

* Wedge the posts in place with big stones and make sure they are straight and level

* Make LOADS of concrete

* Pile in about 30 kg per upright. Pack it down and cover the last few inches of the holes with dirt so there's no concrete sticking out to hurt little feet

* Try and stop the kids swinging on the new uprights for at least 8 hours

* Job done. Go and get some chai and chapati

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