GAFFER Youngstars Bootcamp!

Posted: 20th February 2012 6:13pm
GAFFER Youngstars bootcamp!

Success comes at a price. For the recent footballing success of the GAFFER Youngstars all over Kenya’s Coast that price is paid on the field! GAFFER’s first training camp for both Under-16 and Under-13 youth players took place this week in the grounds of Marasi Primary school, Kenya.

Both age groups have been outstanding with victories at the most prestigious tournaments in Mombasa. With nationwide tournaments looming it was time to ensure that the young men were the best they could possibly be when they face Kenya’s finest talent! With Head Coach Titus running the show under the watchful eye of GAFFER’s most experienced football consultant, Mr Mohamed, it was time for some serious football. The boys trained, ate, slept and relaxed together to build teamwork and friendships as well as footballing prowess. Friendly matches were played at the end of each day with adult teams from around the area. The GAFFER boys held their own and by the end of the week were easily dispatching some shocked looking locals! Let’s hope the lads can make 2012 as successful as 2011!

KCL 7 Kicks off in Kenya!

Posted: 4th February 2012 6:03pm
KCL 7 kicks off!

The seventh edition of GAFFER’s annual mens league kicked off in the Coast Province this weekend! With sixteen villages ready for battle to see who will be crowned the 2012 champions!

The games are played in a Champions League style group format with four teams in four groups playing off and the top two from each group advancing towards the final stages! The competition is intense and big rivalries between villages are played out in front of enthusiastic supporters! Group A saw new challengers from Wildlife Works take on the most successful ever mens team the Samba Boiz! In an action packed match the experience of Samba shone through with a decisive 1-0 victory! The second game featured the youngsters of Tsavo Lions facing off against the big boys from Black Lions in a Simba classic! Expecting to sweep the smaller lads off the park Black Lions were shocked by the decisive passing and fluid team work that months of training for the Under 13 and Under 16 leagues have instilled in the Tsavo squad. A crunching 3-0 victory split the group wide open and the path to the final is looking uncertain for all! In Group B Itinyi beat Marungu 1-0 and Mkamenyi stormed the Kale lads with a 4-1 victory!

This year promises to be the most competitive yet as the hours spent on the training ground pays off and GAFFER looks forward to the big final in April!

GAFFER Youngstars U16 rule the coast!!

Posted: 25th November 2011 9:33am
GAFFER Youngstars rule the coast!!

At the end of November GAFFER Youngstars traveled to the Coast to face the finest of Mombasa’s footballing youth! Hailing from villages in Taita Taveta GAFFER Youngstars were hand picked from sixteen villages in the area. Having proven themselves in Voi division it was time to take on the toughest boys in Coast Province, if not in Kenya!

Mombasa Combined Charity Academy features players from around Mombasa with teams such as Mombasa Sports Club and Jomvu Boys represented. With excellent coaching from Isa and Rila the team has been selected for an International Tournament in Tanzania in December. The match took place at Makupa Primary School field with a full PA soundsystem accompanying the football spectacle that the enthusiastic supporters were treated to! As soon as the game kicked off it was clear that the Mombasa locals were serious opposition. With calm passing under pressure and great ball skills it was like watching a young Arsenal team command the midfield. Emmanuel of Jomvu made up for his small frame with testing balls up field aimed at the striking powerhouse Omari who sprinted through on goal several times in the first half. But the Youngstars held the line and took the lead through Kimega of Rukanga Village early on. Mombasa responded with Omari rattling the bar with a free kick that Didier Drogba himself would have been proud of! The standard of football was fantastic with Mombasa stars such as Hassan and Ali giving the Youngstars a tough game. However brilliant goals from Emmanuel and Thomas added to Kimega’s second and the GAFFER team took the victory 4-3.

Once again the incredible hospitality of the Mombasa locals made the weekend a great experience for everyone involved! The football was fantastic and Mr Mohamed, James, Titus and Ben at GAFFER would like to thank Mombasa Combined Charity Academy for the warm welcome! GAFFER Youngstars are back to the bush now but will be training hard to ensure they return to the coast for more football action soon!

This year the GAFFER Youngstars have been funded by Dev’s Kili climb and his kind supporters – thanks guys!

GAFFER Girls team kicks off!

Posted: 17th May 2011 12:19pm
GAFFER Girls team kicks off!

For the first time in many years GAFFER Sport has decided it is time for a team made up of young ladies to show their stuff in Kasigau and beyond!!

Buguta Primary School is the biggest in the region where GAFFER operates. With over a thousand children and very limited resources there is very little scope for taking part in team sports. GAFFER has worked with the Under 13 and Under 16 year old boys but the girls have had to watch from the sidelines. Not any more! With the help of a pair of fantastic teachers and a hard working Peace Corps volunteer Buguta now has a girl’s team of note! GAFFER has organized two training weekends with formal coaching sessions and plenty of team building to prepare the girls for a tour of Mombasa in July! Most of these young ladies have never even visited East Africa’s largest seaside city so aside from the football it should be an amazing weekend! Watch this space for all the action…

Kula Mbuzi Cup 2011!

Posted: 30th March 2011 5:02pm
Kula Mbuzi Cup

GAFFER Sport and Health teamed up once again to organize the annual Eat Goat Cup in Kenya! This year the event was hosted at Jora Village’s scenic football ground and combined fantastic football, health education and free voluntary HIV counseling and testing for the assembled crowd.

Four villages were invited for the knock out tournament and St Josephs once again provided trained counselors and nurses for the testing centre. The first game was a highly anticipated local derby between Jora and Bungule. The home team were behind at half time but young Pitwell Mawundo “did a Messi” in the second half to astonish the supporters as he drilled a pair of 20 yard screamers to take Jora to the final! Kiteghe then knocked out Rukanga 2-1 to face Jora in the big game! The high light of the third place playoff had to be the tournaments youngest player and a key member of GAFFER Youngstars. Alongo Mwatela tourmented the Kiteghe defence set up the equalizer then placed home a sweet winner to give Rukanga third place and a large chicken as their trophy!

The crowd swelled as news of the final spread around town. The young players of Jora and Kiteghe were locked in a fierce midfield stalemate with few chances and tenacious tackling. With the crowd graudually cheering louder and louder Jora seemed to respond and dominated the final third of the game with their young hero Pitwell forcing home the winner with a few minutes to spare! The crowd invaded the pitch in traditional fashion and the first prize of a large billy goat was paraded back into town for a well deserved post match feast!

GAFFER Health and St Josephs managed to test 51 under-18’s while the football went on in the background. A sterling achievement given the importance of young Kenyans knowing their status from the moment they become sexually active. The testing took place in specially prepared classrooms in Jora Primary school which has been recently revamped by the very excellent African Promise Project! .

GAFFER Youngstars take on the rest of East Africa!

Posted: 11th December 2010 2:35pm
Mombasa International Tournament!

Following a momentous victory at Mombasa Sports Club GAFFER Youngstars were invited back for an international tournament! Featuring teams from across East-Africa this was yet another massive leap for the development of GAFFER’s finest!

The games were played over a weekend at Mombasa’s oldest sporting venue. GAFFER Youngstars played incredibly competitive matches in the group stages and eventually came out with a win, a draw and a loss. This put them agonizingly close to qualifying for the final rounds but the lads were just squeezed out on goal difference. Despite this the experience and exposure the young players gleaned was invaluable. The Youngstars were voted the most disciplined team in the tournament and two of their players were selected to represent the region at a national level! Well done boys!!

KCL 6 Kicks Off!

Posted: 13th November 2010 2:31pm
KCL 6 Mens League Kicks off!

After the success of GAFFER Youngstars it’s now time for the big guys to show off their skills! The sixth inter-village tournament for the men kicked off with sixteen teams battling to lift the Kasigau Champions League trophy!

The competition between teams representing the villages GAFFER Sport works in has been running annually since 2005. The teams are divided into four groups and the top eight teams then go on to the final rounds! The current trophy holders Black Lions will be fighting to make it three titles in a row against stiff competition from all over the region! With teams training daily and games cheered on by supporters this promises to be the toughest KCL yet!

Update on all fronts

Posted: 24th September 2008 11:08am
HIV training seminar

Over the last 6 weeks GAFFER has been very busy indeed. We have had the Quarter Finals for KCL4 running parallel to the Quarter Finals for the Andrew Murch Memorial Under 16s Tournament and there has also been lots happening with the HIV training; so here is an over-due update on all the above.

Firstly the Kasigau Champions League – all Quarter Final matches have now been played and we have seen four very strong victories from Jora, Sorbibor, Kiteghi and Black Lions, each of whom beat there opponents by at least 2 goals. The highlight of these matches would have to be the Black Lions vs Samba Boiz match because both teams come from Maungu and are big rivals and as chance would have it, their Quarter Final match was the last of the four. The days leading up to the match saw both teams camped out so they could fit training into every hour of daylight, and when the big day came there was no disappointments: the supporters were out in force, we had a FIFA referee booked and we were provided with an hour and a half of fantastic football with an impressive victory from Black Lions and gracious defeat from Samba Boiz’s.

As for the Under 16s Tournament, again lots of great football and promising potential seen in the players. The highlight here would have to be the Makina vs Miasenyi match. Due to the Makina team being made up largely of Somalis, who tend to be very tall, and the Miasenyi team being probably the youngest and smallest of all the Under 16 teams, this really was a case of the David and Goliath (see the photo). However, on this occasion David was not victorious, despite putting up a good fight, Miasenyi was beaten 3-1.

On the HIV front, the two day HIV training seminar referred to in the last HIV related blog has now happened and was a great success. Noah, the teacher from Alive and Kicking who ran the seminar, was a real inspiration and passed on lots of important knowledge to our coaches. This was followed by a teaching tips session with Mr Mo. The coaches are now raring to go and we are currently in the process of formalising a weekly teaching slot in all the schools where these coaches are located.

Gaffer video!

Posted: 26th June 2008 2:21pm
Gaffer vid with graphic

There are a number of videos that will be appearing on here from the current Kasigau Champions League that James put together for us. We hope you enjoy them! If you have trouble working them from this site, please click on the link to flickr on the left to watch.

How GAFFER's world is shaping up

Posted: 14th June 2008 7:48am

We are now nearly half way into the regular season and by this weekend every team will have played the other teams in their group. Apologies to all hoping to follow the scores thus far on the site but we have been attacked by unpredictable web gremlins here in the bush, we believe they may well have vanished and work will continue as it should very shortly!

Suffice it to say there have already been some upsets and a lot of drama in the league thus far. It is certainly shaping up in a way that hints at a final between teams that have never previously got that far, as always in football though, everything can and probably will change!

GAFFER is also thrilled that Mr Mo will be handling management duties out here now with Mwalolo also joining us as a regional coordinator for the North and Charo doing the same in the south. Life is certainly getting busy for GAFFER and moving along very nicely. James leaves us next week to head back to the UK for a while but will no doubt continue to be a presence in the GAFFER world.

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