June 2017 Update!

Posted: 13th July 2017 9:26pm
The Youngstars go Nationwide!


Each year we organise football competitions for Under 13 and Under 16 year olds. Every village is represented and the games are played out over several weekends in a Champions League format. GAFFER provides footballs especially designed for the tough conditions the kids have to deal with. Hard, dry pitches often surrounded by thorny bushes take their toll and GAFFER has full time stitchers who are trained to fix the balls properly and keep the games going! After a big final, watched by hundreds of excited locals, GAFFER selects the finest young talent and creates a team to take on the rest of East-Africa!

This year the Under 13 GAFFER Youngstars went to Tanzania to an international tournament known as the East-Africa cup. It is an amazing experience for young guys who have never left the villages to play abroad with kids from all over East-Africa. After weeks of tough training our kids were ready and
after a two day journey and four tough days of football, the boys got all the way to the final and took home the Second Place trophy! An amazing result for some excellent young footballers!

Next up is our Under 16 tournament which kicks off soon! All the updates will be on our Facebook page.


With four trained educators, GAFFER regularly visits at risk populations in the villages. Primary Schools lack basic services such as water and electricity and therefore sanitation is a major concern. The organisation Voluntary Service Overseas provided two volunteers to strengthen our team and this year we have been busier than ever! Training is given using the curriculum developed by WASH United, a partner organisation working worldwide. Health Centres are another target for GAFFER Health and regular training is given to new, and expectant, mothers in the importance of good sanitation during pregnancy and as a new mum.

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