Andrew Murch Under 16 Tournament Kicks Off!

Posted: 16th June 2013 3:19pm
Andrew Murch Under 16 Kicks off!

The 6th Edition of the GAFFER Andrew Murch under 16s championship kicked off in June! With 16 teams involved in the competition it looks to be the toughest challenge yet!

Mbele, Miasenyi, Marasi, Itinyi, Marungu, Kale, Mkamenyi, Sasenyi, Buguta, Kisimenyi, Kiteghe, Rukanga, Jora, Bungule, Makwasinyi and Ngambenyi were all participants with all teams showing their strengths.

After several matches in preliminaries, group A saw Rukanga and Makwasinyi proceed to the quarter finals while group B saw Buguta and Mkamenyi win their respective groups. Group C saw Kale lead the group while Itinyi came second. Group D saw Miasenyi lead their group while Mbele was second. After the quarter finals, Rukanga beat Mkamenyi 3-0, while Makwasinyi beat Buguta through penalty shoot out(4-3). Kale thgen thumped Mbele 3-0 thanks to impressive performance from Mwaghogho and Mwamure- both participated in the EAC in moshi early this year while Itinyi was surprised by Miasenyi after being knoked out by a solo effort from Mwangeka.

The Tournament is played in memory of Andrew Murch. A football player and fan as well as a great GAFFER supporter.

Update by Jimmy Ruwa.

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