GAFFER Youngstars go International!

Posted: 29th April 2013 8:09pm
GAFFER Youngstars go International!

The youngest of the GAFFER Youngstars have began their preparations for their first trip outside Kenya! Having taken GAFFER to victory all over Kenya it is now time for the boys to step up and show the rest of East-Africa how to play!

The under 13s team spent a week in Maungu where our coaches were busy preparing them for the under 13s championships in Tanzania. A total of 14 boys were in the camp from 29th April to 4th may. They will be playing a seven a side football for the first time; so the coaches were really training them how to do so. They will be playing half ground so it was a lot of work where boys had to catch up and do what the coaches were doing. With the help from Mr. Mohammed, coach Tito assisted by Emmanuel did a brilliant job trying to train the boys how to play with their new boots! The muddy pitches of Moshi in Tanzania will be a great challenge after a childhood spent on the dusty fields of Kasigau region!

At the end of the week, all of the boys were able to dribble the ball with boots, run and shoot at the same time. They were really brilliant and we hope to represent Kenya very well in Tanzania from 25th to 30th.


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