KCL8 Kicks Off!

Posted: 10th April 2013 8:07pm
KCL8 Kicks Off!

The eighth edition of the Kasigau Champions League has been running in the 16 villages GAFFER supports! The inter-village rivalry that the mens league is famous for is tougher than ever this year and it’s impossible to predict the outcome!

After months in the cold, KCL 8 kicked off again with 16 teams including the mighty Samba, Jora, Dragon, Buguta and Sasenyi. All players prepared early enough for this. You could easily know how ready these teams were through their hard work at their football pitches as GAFFER officials were moving to monitor their progress.
Group A comprised of Jora, Rukanga, Ngambenyi Makwasinyi and Kiteghe. In this group, Rukanga and Jora progressed to the quarters. Group B had Buguta and Mkamenyi in the quarters. Mkamenyi is the only team who went in quarters without losing or going for a draw. Unfortunately, Jora was their answer after Pitwel Mawundo converted after one-two passes with Mwalungo.

Group C had Itinyi and Samba while group D had Dragon and Tsavo lions in the quarters. All teams are battling for the prestigious Kasigau Champions League trophy and the prized goats for nyama choma (grilled meat). Finals are scheduled on 15th June 2013 where the big teams from Kasigau will be battling for the big trophy. Local radio stations has been updating community about the league’s progress and a lot of people have been attending and supporting their teams always. Can you bet who you think will go with the trophy?


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