GAFFER U13 Youngstars Training camp!

Posted: 3rd February 2013 7:01pm
SHU13 Finals!

After the success of the Under 13 tournament the finest talent was handpicked to make up the GAFFER Youngstars! The players were brought together for two training camps in preparation for tour matches throughout the Coast of Kenya!

GAFFER’s main man Jimmy Ruwa provides you with the story…

After the under 13s finals, GAFFER management decided to choose the best players from across Kasigau and bring them together for training camps to create the toughest young team the region had ever seen! Everything went as planned. With the help of Mr. Mohammed and Titus, the team was selected and players were given calling letters. It was scheduled that, players come for training from 25th January to 27th January and then another weekend from 1st February to 3rd February.

Coach Titus, with the help of one of the promising young coaches from Kasigau, Emmanuel (Adebayor), helped each other to train the young boys for both the two training weekends. Boys were really happy with both training and some other services that were offered to them. Boys are really motivated by the fact that Emmanuel has been successful yet he passed through the same rank i.e. under 13s, under 16s and later under 17s in which he represented GAFFER countrywide in 2012.

Emmanuel Mwamkono.

He is one of the most promising young coach and player from Kasigau. Due to the poor family back ground, GAFFER decided to help him after realizing his potential and willingness to continue with studies. With only his mother alive, GAFFER is helping him to pay school fees and pay accommodation for him. In return, he keeps on developing his career and help Titus in coaching and fixing footballs. He was trained by GAFFER on how to fix footballs and he has become one of the dependable people in fixing footballs. GAFFER pays him some few shillings after fixing footballs for his use at school. Emmanuel is strong, intelligent and very social young man. He is staying in one of the GAFFER stores hence he is the one responsible for all the jerseys and footballs that GAFFER uses for training and matches.

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