SHU13 Finals!

Posted: 6th January 2013 6:59pm
SHU13 Finals!

After months of tough games throughout the region it was time to crown the champions of the Saul Hull Under 13 tournament!

Report by GAFFER boss Jimmy Ruwa…

The Under 13s Champions league final was one of the best ever witnessed over the years of football in Kasigau. It was the kings vs kings; a game which was anticipated by all for a long time. The first match was Mkamenyi against home boys Marasi; a game many predicted Marasi was going to be the winners. It went on a goalless draw and was forced to go on penalties.

Many expected few penalties but it was totally different after 10 penalties from each side. Mkamenyi emerged victorious and went with a goat prize and a ball to continue practicing as they take some nyama choma (roasted goat)
Everyone was expecting a lot from the final match which was between Buguta and Kale. These two teams play the real football - the Arsenal way of play. With Kale trained by the short man James Beja, Buguta team is trained by Mr. Mshila; a deputy head teacher from the same school. The similarity is that all of them are teachers although from different, these teams play almost the same way. After just ten minutes of play, Kale was the first to hit the back of the net after Matano Mwamumbo outclassed Buguta defenders and score the opening goal from 12 yards. It was the beginning of everything and Buguta had to press more and more. Buguta has one of the best young left back just like Gibbs. His name is Kiwaya; the son to one of our GAFFER sports coordinator’s in Buguta. The Buguta left back pressed to his flank and was through on goal. He hit the ball to the net. This goal was said to be similar to Juan Mata goal against Sunderland last season. It was a very fast game and anybody could have won the match.

With 30 minutes from both halves not enough for the winner, both teams had to settle for a draw and wait for penalty shoot outs. Kale was the first to go for it and Matano missed his chance. Buguta was taken ahead by Mshila who scored his first penalty. After five penalties, each team was 4-4 and more players had to go extra sixth penalty. Buguta missed and Kale hit the target through Mwamure Chengo. Kale emerged victorious with 5-4. They took the biggest goat and Buguta was satisfied with the second prize.

There were different prizes as well. The best referee prize went to Ali Mwachia, one of our own referee trained under support from GAFFER. He was the man who officiated all two matches of the day with his two assistant referees. He bagged a whistle, and a referee card booklet.

The second prize went to the best captain of the season- Ngati Hassan from Kale. He led his team through unbeaten run; 8 matches unbeaten is not an easy task for a young team. Non of his players was ever cautioned by the referee throughout the season. He bagged a captains armband.

Third prize went to the best player of the season who always influenced the match. This was Leslie Mshila; the son of coach Mshila who was very influential all through.

Forth prize went to Mr. Mshila himself; this marked the beginning of more good things to come. Mr. Mshila has been influential due to the fact that he has been trained through support from GAFFER. GAFFER organized some coaches training with Football Kenya Federation some months ago and this has ever since shown how much this was influential in kasigau football.

The champions Kale have taken the junior cup in their first time ever. They ever clinched the under 16s cup twice but they have never done so in the junior category.

With support from St. Josephs of nearby Voi Town, GAFFER health project organized free HIV counseling and testing at the same venue. Young boys and girls were in large numbers and many of them got tested. A total of 48 people were tested all at the age of over 15 years. The highest gender was male because football was for men so people came for testing mostly men. The table shows the full result for people tested.

We got people mostly tested as young boys because they were the ones who came for testing. St. Josephs didn’t accept for the young boys at the age of 13 to be tested because they are not required by law unless a parent accompanies this kid. All attendants were really happy with the services they got from both GAFFER projects. Also, St. Josephs were really happy after the day as they got everything that they needed.

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