Meet the GAFFER Health guys and girls!

Posted: 5th July 2012 6:51pm
Meet the GAFFER Health guys and girls!

GAFFER Health now has five trained employees and would like you to take a moment to meet them all! With daily education lessons in Primary and Secondary schools, as well as government run Health Centres, GAFFER Health is working hard to spread vital education to people who often have no access to it otherwise.

Introductions by Jimmy Ruwa…

Esmilly Chari works in both health centers and community groups. Having grown up locally she understands the challenges that people have and enjoys giving back to her community. She is now full of energy especially after giving birth to her second born baby- Mwakio. She is shown in the photo training at Marungu Health Centre.

Asha Kibwana has been working in primary schools around Maungu, Marungu and Makina areas. The Sexual Health education lessons are especially vital in the truck stops of Maungu and Makina where prostitution and associated sexually transmitted diseases are so prevalent.

Leonard Maxwell Mhindi is our youngest boy we have in our Health project. He is a part time teacher at Buguta primary school and has been working with us since last year. He has been working as well in Buguta health center and some few groups around it. He has been teaching in Buguta, Sasenyi, Kisimenyi and Kiteghe primary schools.

Zephaniah Nyiro is working in Rukanga area. Rukanga, Jora, Bungule, Makwasinyi and Rukanga dispensary. He has been working with us in the past few months. We are looking forward to working with him for longer. This is the first week for schools and we have already started going to the schools. I got a chance to visit Kisimenyi primary school where leonard works.

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