GAFFER Health works to improve Sexual Health awareness in the 16 Villages in Kasigau region, Kenya.

And what does GAFFER Health do to improve Sexual Health Awareness?

Provides Health Education in Primary and Secondary Schools

GAFFER works with the schools in the area in order to provide health education and awareness. Every school is visited once every two weeks by one of the 5 health educators. They then teach the children about HIV effects on the community, HIV transmission, myths and facts about HIV, STIs, care and support for those infected, and are there to answer any questions concerning Health.

Trains health educators

As one of GAFFER’s main goals to employ and develop people, GAFFER Health aims to constantly train the health educators. We employ young people from the community and coach them so that they can be successful when teaching and enable them to develop themselves.

Raises awareness in Health Centers

In addition to the primary and secondary school teaching, the health educators regularly visit the local health centers in order to make a larger part of the community aware about health issues. GAFFER Health gets a chance to talk about for example prevention of mother to child transmission and possibilities for counselling.

Provides health education during GAFFER Sports Events

The GAFFER Sports events provide a fantastic opportunity to reach those who are not in schools. During the training sessions, cup finals, and special events, health educators come and visit the football pitch to raise awareness for those playing and supporting.

Facilitates Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT)

During GAFFER Sport events GAFFER Health recruits local organizations who provide free HIV/AIDS Testing and Counseling. Both competitors and supporters are encouraged to know their status.

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