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SHU13 Final!

Posted: 9th October 2010 9:28pm
SHU13 Finals

After weeks of tough competition the Saul Hull Under 13 Championship reached an exciting climax! Eight village teams had battled to reach the finals and the standard of football has been remarkable considering this is only the second trophy for GAFFER's youngest stars!

Hot favourites Maungu faced the rising stars of Mkamenyi in an action packed finale! After a hard fought game just one goal separated the teams and Maungu were crowned champions in front of their home support! The day was a really great success and many fans turned up to support the future of Kenyan football. There were exhibition matches for both adults and under 16’s and GAFFER Health were on hand to provide sexual health education to the fans. The best players from all eight teams will be hand picked to make up GAFFER Youngstars who will represent GAFFER countrywide!

The SHU13 Championship is played in memory of one of GAFFER’s greatest supporters, Saul Hull, who tragically passed away in 2008. Saul loved football and supported GAFFER from the early beginnings. All at GAFFER are very proud to host the tournament in his honour. An annual event raises money which funds the championship as well as the Youngstars as they travel to show Kenya what the GAFFER boys can do!

GAFFER Sport & Health day out!

Posted: 20th August 2010 5:23pm
GAFFER Sport & Health Day!

GAFFER took advantage of the school holidays to organize a day of football tournaments, health education and HIV Counseling and Testing for the people in and around Buguta Village!

The Men’s football tournament saw six Villages from the area represented. After hard fought qualifying rounds the Semi-Finals both went to penalty shoot outs! Kale beating Marungu and Mkamenyi showing Kisimenyi how to kick from the spot! Hundreds of fans cheered the teams on in the final match and after a hard fought game Kale reigned supreme with a convincing 2 – 0 victory! The winning team were awarding a large goat for their outstanding efforts! Kale are the team to watch as GAFFER Sport plans the upcoming Kasigau Champions League 6 for the big guys!

GAFFER Health continued to build on their excellent work in the local schools and health centres! The Peer Educators were on hand to answer questions relating to sexual health issues and St. Josephs Centre of Hope provided free Voluntary Counseling and Testing facilities for the assembled. Five nurses occupied private consultation rooms set up by GAFFER Health and tested and talked to those who chose to know their status. By the end of the day 63 people had been tested. HIV Testing is an important tool in the fight against the virus and GAFFER Health aims to work with St. Josephs to increase awareness of the free services available in the area.

SHU13 Cup Kicks off!

Posted: 14th August 2010 5:18pm
SHU13 Cup Kicks off!

The Saul Hull Under 13 Cup kicked off this weekend! Played in memory of one of GAFFER’s greatest supporters who sadly passed in 2008. The cup builds on the enthusiasm developed in the recent youth tournaments and will end with the brightest young players being taken on tour!

The tournament takes eight village teams of Under 13 year olds who play in groups before the group winners meet in the finals! The teams train daily with their GAFFER trained coach to ensure that the young players have the guidance required to develop. The first weekend saw Marungu U13 defeat Itinyi 3 – 0 and the defending champions Mkamenyi get off to a flying start with a 4 – 1 victory over Sasenyi!

Mkamenyi take the Under 13 Title

Posted: 20th June 2010 5:15pm
Mkamenyi take the win!

GAFFER’s first tournament for the Under 13 boys came to an exhilarating climax this weekend! The underdogs from Mkamenyi Village continued to impress with yet another solid performance!

Kale Village were hot favourites to take the U13 trophy but the incredible amount of hours put in on the training field paid off for Mr Frank and his boys! While Kale will be disappointed with the 5 – 0 defeat, all the spectators sang the praises of Mkamenyi’s young stars. However Kale cruised right up to the final and have promised to train hard and be back for the next U13 Cup!

GAFFER Under 13 league kicks off!

Posted: 3rd May 2010 12:02am
Under 13 League

A key part of GAFFER’s work in Kenya is to develop the youth. The first Under 13 league GAFFER has run is about to kick off. Titus Eluid reports after his first coaching session in Buguta village.

This year we are happy to let you know that we do have another kids league for those of 13years and below. We first thought of starting it in 8 villages which are really close to others divided into two groups A & B playing in a round robin format. The team which tops in each group play in a final in Maungu with runners playing third place play off. We have set everything ready to kick off the league and in the mean time we have been doing training sessions with these selected teams.

We hope that everything is going to run as expected as we look forward to it and in the end extend it to all the other villages within Kasigau region.

Kind regards,
GAFFER regional coordinator

Safaricom Under 23 tournament

Posted: 1st April 2010 11:36pm

A tournament organised by Kenya’s largest mobile phone operator featured teams from all of Kenya. Including the finest of GAFFER’s young stars! Titus Eluid – our main man in Kenya provides the story.

GAFFER ran several selection sessions involving with players from both the Men and Under 16 teams. The best players between the age of 16 and 23 year old were assembled for an intensive week long training camp.

The kids were well prepared for the tournament in several areas, spending full days training on the playing grounds practicing a lot of different drills. It was nice to have professional coach Mr Mohammed around in the sessions, as he shared a lot of knowledge with the players including tactical training in the evenings of each training day to test our progress.

The 15th April was the day of the event and we set off to Voi, where the event was taking place. In the event, there were 16 teams divided in 2 groups A & B playing in a knockout format. We were in group B playing against a good team from Voi in the third knockout of the day. In the first half the boys played an excellent match; at half time we were leading by 2 goals to nil! In the second half things changed when the referee from Voi awarded a free kick to the opponents, which lead to a goal. Two minutes later they were given a penalty and they made it 2-2 at full time. As it is in all competitions, there must be a winner and a loser. Sadly, we lost in a very confusing way, being disqualified because of a technicality. However, in the end we received certificates of participation for each player and a ball for the team. It was a really good experience for the players and we are now preparing hard for the coming events.

GAFFER makes headlines!

Posted: 30th March 2009 11:30pm
Coastweek Article

The recent tour match to Mombasa has made the papers! Coastweek, the paper of choice in Mombasa, provided a full run down of all the action.

GAFFER Youth Team take on the big boys!

Posted: 15th March 2009 8:45pm
GAFFER Youth Team

The incredible improvement in football displayed by GAFFER's youth over the last 12 months deserved showcasing in the big city! The most talented players were kitted out like Real Madrid and played at the historic Mombasa Sports Club on a sunny Sunday in Kenya's coastal metropolis...

Their opponents were one of the best performing teams around and everyone knew this would be one epic game of football. Real Madrid had kindly donated youth team strips through Javier Gonzalez who came to watch the game with a bunch of football loving Spaniards. After a morning warm up at the sea side, which most of GAFFER's team had never even seen, the game kicked off! GAFFER's lads were playing on grass and in boots for the first time and fielded players as young as 10 years old!

The game was epic. Although GAFFER were beaten, the importance of such exposure was not lost on GAFFER's top men on the ground; Mr Mo and Titus. It was also a great experience for the Mombasa players to play their comrades from the rural side of Kenya.

Andrew Murch Memorial Final

Posted: 8th March 2009 8:30pm
Andrew Murch Final

After six months of great football, the best of GAFFER's youth did battle to lift the Andrew Murch Memorial Shield! In a hard fought game, Makina Village reigned supreme!

This competition has been brilliantly contested by every village and has seen the standard of youth football improve exponentially. Coaches have been assigned by GAFFER to coach the young players and the enthusiasm of the guys has been commendable.

The Andrew Murch Memorial Trophy is played in remembrance of a young Brit who tragically passed away in 2007. His family have kindly supported GAFFER with footballs that will allow young men in Kenya to enjoy the sport that Andrew lived for.

Under-16 football tournament kicks off!

Posted: 7th November 2008 8:00pm
Andrew Murch Qualifying

After the success of the Mens League, the second Youth Tournament kicked off in rural Kenya! The action began in Rukanga village and all 16 villages have fielded a team aiming to lift the Andrew Murch Memorial Shield in six months time! Coaches are trained and supported by GAFFER to push the young players to their limits. Players as young as ten battle it out with older boys and the quality of football is improving fast!

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